Alison Dunne in collaboration with Chill Insurance

The true meaning of colour
9th February 2017
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Alison Dunne in collaboration with Chill Insurance

Home is the most invaluable place in the world for which you feel the deepest affection to, hence the common saying ‘home is where the heart is’. According to Chill insurance’s recent poll, 62% of the people surveyed expressed that family and friends are what makes a house become a home, while 26% said making memories has this effect.

With our houses being such a special place, it is no wonder that some people break the property mould and make their homes as unique and special as possible. We can see this attitude all over the world, through different locations and cultures. Here, we are putting the spotlight on some of the most imaginative properties from around the world for you to take inspiration from.

1. Curves and Curls – Bubble Palace, France

Regular housing, made of stone or brick, are often in the shape of a plain, uninteresting rectangle. If you are bored of the linear lines and want your home to stand out, try incorporating curves to your house.
You can most definitely take inspiration from The Palais Bulles, also known as the Bubble Palace in Theoule-sur-Mer near Cannes, France. The house was designed by Pierre Cardin and is known for its distinctive dome features, which mimics prehistoric human cave dwellings. Besides the exterior of the house, the interior is also decorated with all sorts of soft curves, like its circular windows and round beds. These curvatures provide more of a warm and welcoming feeling than that of harsh edges.

If you want to give this style a go, why not try incorporating an oblong couch, oval rugs or even looping floor patterns – these features will most definitely get your aesthetic engines going.

2. Light and Minimalistic – Transparent House, Japan

If you are a fan of having a light and minimalistic home, you should take inspiration from House NA, better known as the transparent house, located in Tokyo, Japan.

The architecture is associated with the concept of living within a tree, like our ancestors. The house has a white steel-frame structure to represent the branches, it is a contemporary adaptation of the openness once experienced by our ancient predecessors. The 85 sq m home also has hardly any walls, instead, the house boasts large glass windows allowing plenty of daylight. This style of home has an adventurous appeal, one that contrasts to our typical dense, block living spaces.

If you want to incorporate this bright and minimalistic vibe into your home, why not try installing some bigger windows to let natural light in. Adding mirrors in appropriate areas can also make your home feel bigger and brighter. You can also use bright, white interiors to decorate your space to make it feel light and airy.

3. Vibrant and Whimsical – Nautilus House, Mexico

If you fancy creating a more vibrant and fun vibe to your humble abode, you will have to check out the Nautilus House in Mexico City. The architecture resembles a giant mollusc shell complete with rainbow coloured stained glass windows. The house looks more like a modernist sculpture just another conventional house.

The house was named after the shells of the nautilus cephalopod and the building mimics the logarithmic spiral using curved concave shapes. It has landscaped gardens within the property that continue through the front door, with plants, trees and lush grass surrounding flower shaped searing in the living area. The house has all sorts of whimsical elements which easily invites you to feel fun and lively.

If you want to incorporate this style into your own home, you can experiment with accent walls. Rather than replacing all of your furniture, you can simply attempt to get different coloured covers (or patterned!) for your sofa. For smaller alterations, you can consider getting fresh flowers to make your home look more vibrant.

4. A Victorian Masterpiece – Drummond Tower, Ireland

Ever wondered how you can live in a real-life fairytale? Situated just outside of Drogheda, Ireland, there is a magical castle tower you can take your interior inspiration from and create a unique atmosphere for your home – the Drummond Tower.

The building itself was constructed back in the 19th century. Even after restorations, the building has preserved and maintained all the details from that period of time. The Drummond tower has gothic-style window frames and crenellations at the top. You’re greeted by bare stone walls, homely wooden beams and a spiral staircase within the house. It even has a rooftop terrace that overlooks the whole kingdom.

To mimic this housing style, you can add dark wooden interior decor to your home and pair it with a stone-patterned wall. In order to add to the cosiness, use a dark colour scheme and add soft accessories to make it feel more homely.

These are only a handful of the weird but wonderful house that people have created to call home. These unique tastes are a reflection of their personal style and are the perfect place for memories to be built. With your home being such a special place, always remember to buy home insurance to protect your property and the assets within in case of any unexpected incidents. With it being the beginning of the new year, are you ready to test your creative boundaries?